Bailey本からの直接引用 2


4. Bailey はさらに、女性に性的魅力を感じる、そのほかのMTFは、実際には「パラフィリアの男性だ」と主張する。

"Autogynephilic transsexuals are not "women in men's bodies" (Anne Lawrence, a physician and sex researcher who is herself a postoperative transsexual, has called them "men trapped in men's bodies")." p. 168
(自己女性化性愛TSは「男性の体の中の女性」ではない。 彼女自身ポストぺTSであり、医者・研究者でもあるAnne Lawrenceは「男性の体の中の男性」と呼んでいる。)
"The autogynephile's main romantic target is herself." p. 183
"Most gender patients lie - - - " p. 172
"The most common way that autogynephiles mislead others is by denying the erotic component of their gender bending." p. 173
" - - - autogynephilia seems to be a type of paraphilia. Paraphilias comprise a set of unusual sexual preferences that include autogynephilia, masochism, sadism ,... , frotteurism , ... necrophilia, beastiality, and pedophilia." p. 171
"If a man has one paraphilia, then his chances of having any other paraphilia seem to be highly elevated. p. 172
"The best established link is between autogynephilia and masochism. There is a dangerous masochistic practice called "autoerotic asphyxia," in which a man strangles himself, usually by hanging, for sexual reasons. ... About one-fourth of the time, these men are found wearing some article of women's clothing, such as panties. ...Apparantly these men are both masochistic and autogynephilic." p. 172

"Cross-dressing has also been linked to sexual sadism - although most autogynephiles are not sexual sadists, they are more likely to be sadists compared with men who are not autogynephilic" p. 172
"Paraphilias tend to seem bizarre to typical gay and straight people, whose sexual desires are primarily directed toward conventional sex acts with adults." p. 172
He then says his students are "especially hesitant to support surgery for nonhomosexual transsexuals - - - When I press them they say - - - 'But they don’t have the wrong body, they are mentally ill'. " p. 206
(彼の学生は、同性愛でないTS(ここでは自己女性化性愛TSのこと)がSRSをすることに反対だという。理由を学生に聞くと「間違った体を持っているのではなく、精神的におかしいからだ」と答えた。 )

5. Baileyが、そのほかのトランスジェンダーに関してどういっていいるかというと、「彼らはすべて自己女性化性愛者だ。つまり、彼らは精神的に病気であり、パラフィリアなのだ」と述べている。

"Today, public statements by those who call themselves "transgendered" (who are almost all autogynephiles rather than homosexual transsexuals) rarely acknowledge any erotic component of "transgenderism". " p. 174
"According to Blanchard, even cross-dressers who do not want to change their sex have autogynephilia, which they share with non-homosexual transsexuals - - - it is impossible to distinguish males who will become non-homosexual transsexuals from those who will remain crossdressers. They are all autogynephiles." p. 164