Clinical characteristics of transsexuals who changed sex registration in Japan

First Asia Oceanic Congress of Sexology 2006
Clinical characteristics of transsexuals who changed sex registration in Japan

Background: In July 2004, a new law which enables transsexual to change their sex registration was implemented in Japan. The conditions to change sex registration are; diagnosed by at least two doctors as having gender-identity disorder, aged 20 or older, unmarried, having no children, not be able to reproduce and having similar appearance of the external genitalia of the opposite sex. By the Supreme Court official announcement, 326 transsexuals have been permitted to change sex registration and 4 transsexuals have been rejected until December 2005. By this official announcement, there is no more detailed information about characteristics of the applicants.

Method: I have drawn up 61 medical certificates for family court application of sex change registration until 31/7/2006. One MTF transsexual has been rejected to change sex registration because she has children. 46 transsexuals ( FTM16 and MTF30 ) have already been permitted and I analyzed these 46 transsexuals' clinical characteristics.

1) Age.
FTM; ave.32.4 ( 20-53 ),
MTF; ave. 32.8 ( 23-45 ) .
2) Diagnosis by psychiatrist before SRS.
FTM; by 2 psychiatrists 16.
MTF; none 5, by 1 psychiatrists 7, by 2 psychiatrists 18.
3) Country where SRS received.
FTM; Japan 9, Thailand 5, Taiwan 1, USA 1.
MTF; Japan 6, Thailand 21, Singapore 2, USA 1.
4) SRS phase of FTM.
Hysterectomy and ovariectomy only 7, +metaidoioplasty 8, +phalloplasty 1.

Conclusion: Since enforcement of a new TS law, 326 transsexuals changed their sex registration in Japan. My clinical data shows some aspects of practical interpretation and application of this new law.