Riddle Homophobia Scale

「homophobia scale」を調べていたら、「Riddle Homophobia Scale」というのを発見。

このRiddle Homophobia Scaleは、同性愛に対する態度を8段階に分けて、1が一番フォビックで、だんだんやわらぎ、8が一番フォビックでない。1から4が否定的態度で5から8が肯定的態度。

(訳 by AJ)
同性愛を自然に反する罪だと見なす。ゲイ・レズビアンは病人であり、狂人であり、不道徳であり、 罪人であり、邪悪であるなどと見なす。彼らを変えるためならいかなる方法も正当化される。すなわち刑務所、入院、嫌悪付け行動療法、暴力などの方法だ。
2. 異性愛優越主義からの同情
3. 寛容
4. 受容
5. 支援
レズビアン・ゲイ の保護者として働く。このレベルのひとは、自分自身は不快感があるかもしれないが、自分のホモフォビックな傾向や非合理な不公平を自覚している。
6. 賞賛
7. 感謝
人々の多様性に価値を認め、ゲイ・レズビアンをその多様性の中の大事な一部分だと見なす。このレベルの人々は自分自身や他人のホモフォビアと戦う事をいとわない 。
8. 愛情

Homophobic Levels of Attitude
1. Repulsion
Homosexuality is seen as a crime against nature. Gays/lesbians are sick, crazy, immoral, sinful, wicked, etc. Anything is justified to change them: prison, hospitalization, negative behavior therapy, violence, etc.
2. Pity Heterosexual chauvinism.
Heterosexuality is more mature and certainly to be preferred. Any possibility of becoming "straight" should be reinforced, and those who seem to be born that way should be pitied.
3. Tolerance
Homosexuality is just a phase of adolescent development that many people go through and most people grow out of. Thus, gays/lesbians are less mature than heterosexuals and chauvinismshould be treated with the protectiveness and indulgence one uses with a child. Gays and lesbians should not be given positions of authority because they are still working through their adolescent behavior.
4. Acceptance
Still implies there is something to accept. Characterized by such statements as "you're not a lesbian, you're a person" or "what you do is your own business" or "it's fine with me, just don't flaunt it."
Positive Levels of Attitude
5. Support
Work to safeguard the rights of lesbians and gays. People at this level may be uncomfortable themselves but they are aware of the homophobic climate and irrational unfairness.
6. Admiration
Acknowledges that being gay/lesbian in our society takes strength. People at this level are willing to truly examine their homophobic attitudes, values, and behaviors.
7. Appreciation
Value the diversity of people and see gays/lesbians as a valid part of that diversity. These people are willing to combat homophobia in themselves and others.
8. Nurturance
Assumes that gay/lesbian people are indispensable in our society. They view gays/lesbians with genuine affection and delight, and are willing to be allies and advocates.