(訳 by AJ)

By Robert Michael Poole 17 December, 2010
"new-halves" と呼ばれるTVは、日本の社会で広く受け入れられている。はるな愛(以前の名は大西賢治)といったタレントは、成功を収めている。はるな愛は、2009年のパタヤのミスインターナショナルの女王に輝いている。
ちょうど2年前、秋葉原の電気、おたくエリアの、メイドカフェがある地域に最初の「ニューハーフ」カフェ、「New Type」が開店した。
「New Type」は今度はlangrangelをプロデュースし、「オトコノコ」という「少年の娘」を意味する人たちを対象に、衣服やかつらなどを提供する。

Transvestites and transgenders only at new online fashion store
A Japanese Internet site targets men who want to look like women with its Akihabara-style clothes
By Robert Michael Poole 17 December, 2010
Last month Ami Takeuchi of Japan placed second at the sixth annual Miss International Queen -- celebrating transvestites and transgender contestants -- in Pattaya, Thailand.
Now a website in Japan, called Lagrangel, has been launched to offer local transvestites and other men who want to look like women, a carefully selected range of the latest fashions. Providing their fashion tastes are Akihabara style, that is.
Known as "new-halves" locally, transvestites are widely accepted in Japanese society, with entertainers like Ai Haruna (previously Kenji Onishi) having successful careers. Haruna won the Miss International Queen crown in Pattaya in 2009.

Just under two years ago the electronics and otaku area of Akihabara, known for its maid cafes, opened its first "new-half" cafe, called New Type.
Now New Type has produced Lagrangel to offer clothes, wigs and more for its target market -- which the website calls "otoko no ko," a play on words meaning "boy's daughter."
In truth, there's not a whole lot different here to any other online ladies fashion store, except the models are all men. But perhaps that's the point.
The clothes range from \1,980 to \9,800.